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Last call for international schools and colleges to join the Science Accelerator program

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

High schools and colleges are invited to join, Out of the Box's flagship program: Science Accelerator - A unique hybrid program for young people (14-18) globally to develop

entrepreneurship & innovation in Space for the coming school year (October 2022 - June 2023.

During the learning period, the students come up with innovative, original, science-based ideas to help humanity inhabit the moon and beyond. With the help of our program mentors, the students then examine their idea from a business lens and create a prototype. Finally, they pitch their ideas in front of NASA Scientist, business and entrepreneurs specialists - as part of the international competition at the final phase of the program. 

The program, developed by Out of the Box, with the close guidance of Dr. Jacob Cohen, Chief Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center, the US Embassy in Israel, and supported in Israel by the Ministry of Science. It received several prizes and recognition. 

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