International Competition


Professional Committee

Dr. Jacob Cohen:

Chief Scientist 



Dr. Jacob Cohen is currently the Chief Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center. In this capacity, Dr. Cohen provides advice and oversight for research programs and serves as the principal Center advisor in the administration of long term, high risk, and creative/inventive research programs. Dr. Cohen evaluates proposals for new programs, keeps abreast of ongoing work, and establishes priorities to assure that Center research programs contribute effectively to national aerospace and scientific objectives. As part of his interest in the utilization of space and aeronautics for scientific and technology advancements, Dr. Cohen facilitates and develops international, inter agency, academic and commercial collaborations to sustain new research initiatives. Dr. Cohen received his Doctorate from New York University in the area of molecular evolution. He then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s Ophthalmology Research Laboratories in the area of viral host relationships. Dr. Cohen has received various NASA and external awards and honors. Mentoring, teaching and inspiring the next generation of scientists and managers are continuous roles Dr. Cohen pursues.

Dr. Ann-Sofie Schreurs:

Senior Scientist


Dr. Ann-Sofie Schreurs is currently a Senior Scientist in the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) at NASA Ames Research Center. She earned her B.Sc in Life Sciences in 2006 and her M.Sc in Molecular Biology  in 2008 at the University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris, France. For her Ph.D in Biochemistry, she attended the Genome Damage and Stability Center at the University of Sussex in England, under Prof. Tony Carr. After obtaining her PhD in 2012, she decided to follow her space passion and applied for a NASA Post-Doctoral Program position at NASA Ames Research Center with Dr. Ruth Globus. At Ames, she worked on the molecular mechanisms underlying space-induced bone loss and potential countermeasures. Most recently, she decided to investigate the world of science management and took a position as Senior Scientist in the Office of the Chief Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center.

Jessica Partridge:

Programmatic Lead

Jessica Partridge is the Programmatic Lead in the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, CA. In the OCS, she focuses on research integrity, relationships with current and potential collaborators, and interfacing with internal Ames communities. Jessica is a Student Trainee in the NASA Pathways Program while pursuing a M.S. in Research Administration from Johns Hopkins University. She has a B.A. in History from the University of California, San Diego.

Melanie Kramer:  

Junior Scientist



Melanie Kramer joined the Office of the Chief Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center in November 2019 as a Junior Scientist. In this role, she arranges and executes visits, coordinates sponsored seminars and provides operational support within the Office. Ms. Kramer received her bachelor’s degree in Physics from Texas A&M University with a double minor in Math and Electrical Engineering. Her academic focus was in applied physics, giving her broad experiences in topics ranging from complex analysis to quantum mechanics to circuit optimization. Ms. Kramer is passionate about exploring the Universe through physics and empowering the next generation of students to pursue STEM programs

Semi-Final Professional Committee:

Mr. Terry R. Davidson

Counselor for Public Affairs

U.S. Embassy Israel

Dr. Jacob Cohen

Cheif Scientists 

NASA Ames Reaserch Center 

Mr. Tony Ganon

Vice President

Space Florida

Dr. Diana Laufer

Scientific Consultant

Givatayim Observatory 

Gila Lami

STEM  Supervisor, 

Minisrty of Education