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professional tour at el al airlines 



A group of 15 young women (ages 16-18)  enjoyed a professional tour at El Al 

They received close guidance from El Al pilot Dana Grinberg, experienced in a simulator 737. They learned and practiced safety protocols at the Mockup and the work of the operations control center. 

Girls in Aviation Day (GIAD) is celebrated every year around the world. The State of Israel joined this year (for the second time) the 60 countries that marked this important day in a variety of events that took place throughout the country, with the aim of promoting and connecting the female future generation to the professions of flying and aviation.

Since Alice Miller High Court opened the pilot course for women 27 years ago, only 70 female soldiers completed the course (they make up only 10%  of the pilots), and only 6 of them were trained as combat pilots. A very low number that does not reflect the potential of women in aviation. The situation is similar in the commercial field as well, in all Israeli airlines, the percentage of female pilots stands at 1 single percent and in the world, it stands at 5-11 percent. Women are also a minority in the pilot support professions, out of the 100 largest airlines in the world in only 4 companies Women serve as CEOs, the situation is similar in the fields of engineering, mechanics, etc.'

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Out of the Box joined WIA Women in Aviation International organization to mark this important day in Israel as well. The events on this day are free of charge and aim to expose as many girls as possible throughout the country to the career possibilities in the field of aviation and aviation in general and to the importance of integrating women in the field and aviation education at a young age.


aerospace activities at Madatech - Israel National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space

2/10/22 +7/10/22



In 1994, a brave young woman challenged the institution and demanded a chance to be in one of the most elite units in the IDF. Originally from South Africa, Alice Miller emigrated to Israel with her family at the age of 6. Miller always had a passion for aviation. Following high school, she received her civilian pilot license and pursued a degree in Aerospace Engineering.
At 23 years old,  she sued the military for her right to enlist in the prestigious pilot’s course.

In a historic vote, the Israeli Supreme Court deemed the ban on female recruits to the aviation course as unconstitutional.


Greeting from Women in Aviation International 

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